MACRA: In the News

CMS opens door to possible delay in MACRA implementation
Source: American Academy of Family Physicians
In brief: Acting CMS administrator Andy Slavitt told a U.S. Senate committee last month that CMS would consider a delay to the planned Jan. 1 MACRA implementation, especially if small practice physicians do not have enough time to prepare for the new law. Slavitt also said CMS may consider other changes, such as loosening some reporting requirements. Some physicians and organizations have complained MACRA’s reporting requirements are cumbersome, and that many physicians will not be adequately prepared for the law by it’s planned January start.   

Hospital Impact: Lack of MACRA awareness may fuel perfect storm
Source: FierceHealthIT
In brief: A recent Texas Medical Association survey found that 69 percent of doctors are largely unfamiliar with MACRA and have not prepared for the transition. Meanwhile, 57 percent of those surveyed said they need more information about MACRA. Kent Bottles, M.D., a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health and chief medical officer of PYA Analytics, says the lack of MACRA awareness, coupled with ever-changing Medicare rules, spells trouble.

How CMS Would Reimburse ACOs for Value-Based Care under MIPS
Source: RevCycle Intelligence
In brief: Most Medicare ACOs will not initially qualify for MACRA’s Advanced Payment Model (APM) designation, but many ACO participants will need to attest to the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The National Association of ACOs (NACCOS) has released a special guide to help ACOs understand a special be version of MIPS that is designed for alternative payment models that do not quality as APMs.

Addressing the elephant in the room: How to prepare for MACRA & the consumer-facing world
Source: Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review
In brief: Consumer engagement in health care has received significant attention. Some industry leaders contend that health care’s success will depend, in part, on whether consumers are allowed to play a large role in their care decision-making, and whether they have greater access to their health information. Many physicians have yet to grasp MACRA’s specifics, and some are skeptical that it will actually result it better-engaged patients and efficient care.

With MACRA looming, doctors can’t afford waiting to plumb its intricacies
Source: Modern Healthcare
In brief: MACRA is coming and physicians must be ready for it. That’s the message many health care industry experts are trumpeting. While there has been talk that MACRA’s starting date could be delayed – especially for rural and small practice-physicians – the sweeping payment reform law is still slated to kick off in 2017. MACRA’s complexity has some industry insiders concerned that many providers won’t be prepared for the onslaught of new rules and regulations that could be just a few months away.

MACRA, what’s that? Half of doctors don’t know, Deloitte says
Source: Healthcare IT News
In brief: Many physicians have yet to learn of the new law, and most of those surveyed say they prefer the current fee-for-service payment system to MACRA’s risk bearing, value-based payment structure. Some physicians say MACRA will prompt many care providers to join larger care organizations if such a move can help them bear less financial risk. However, some physicians say value-based payment models can reduce cost; about 20 percent say the law would boost care quality.

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